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Examples of recent joint projects completed for clients that include Fortune 50’s:
●  Paint and varnish coating integrity analysis on mahogany doors and windows,
●  Additives stability studies and fate of long-term degradations in composites, polymers and plastics,
●  Indoor luxury spa mysterious discharge solved,
●  Carcinogenic degradation  moieties in beverages assessed and minimized,
●  Assisted in the R&D of portable instrumentation for detection of chemical agents,
●  Provided in-house workshops on method development and instrumentation selections,
●  Neurotransmitter determination in surgically resected brain hippocampal tissues.
● Corporations (Pharmaceuticals, construction contractors, manufacturers, clinical, environmental),
● Legal (Attorneys, prosecutors, court assignees, depositions, expert witness, affidavit, government, forensics)
●  Municipalities (local, county, state and U.S. Federal government, overseas government agencies),
● Provided VI therapeutic modalities for early interventions,
● tutorial services in the sciences, math and engineering,
● Curriculum and programmatic development and assessment
● Provide early intervention for vision therapy


News & Events
  • We respond to your needs worldwide by assigning local or international experts.
  • Our team of consultants regularly travel overseas to meet with our clienteles.
  • We work with large number of certified analytical laboratories and testing corporations.

Select Recent Scholarly Output

    • The Book, BIOIMAGING IN NEURODEGENERATION P.A. Broderick, David N. Rahni, I. Klodney (Humana Press).
    • Rahni, D.N. Organizer and Presider, the Annual Symposia on Latest Advances for Forensic Analysis and Biochemical Toxicology, Pittsburgh Conference on Applied Spectroscopy and Chemical Instrumentation.
    • Broderick PA, Olabisi OA, Rahni DN, Zhou Y Cocaine acts on accumbens monoamines and locomotor behavior via a 5-HT(2A/2C) receptor mechanism as shown by ketanserin: 24-h follow-up studies, Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry. 28 (3):547-57.
    • Broderick PA, Hope O, Okonji C, Rahni DN, Zhou Y. Clozapine and cocaine effects on dopamine and serotonin release in nucleus accumbens during psychostimulant behavior and withdrawal. Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry. 28 (1):157-71.
    • Broderick PA, Rahni DN, Zhou Y. Acute and subacute effects of risperidone and cocaine on accumbens dopamine and serotonin release using in vivo microvoltammetry on line with open-field behavior. Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry.  27(6):1037-54.
    • S.D. Pastor, D.N. Rahni, N.A. Syed, and A. Chandrasekaran The Conformation of Sterically Congested Germanium Heterocyclics Phosphorus, Sulfur Silcon and Relat. Elements J. 179, 483-497.
    • Rahni, D.N., Anthrax Insights, Journal of Forensic Identification, Vol 52, 86-94.
    • S. D. Pastor*, A. Carinci, N., Khoury, Rahni, D.N., The Synthesis and Conformation of Sterically Congested Seven-Membered Rings Containing Tetracoordinate Germanium (IV): Determination of the ΔG* for Ring Inversion, ACS Inorganic Chemistry Journal 40 (15), 3830-3832.
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