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Examples of recent joint projects completed for clients that include Fortune 50’s:
●  Paint and varnish coating integrity analysis on mahogany doors and windows,
●  Additives stability studies and fate of long-term degradations in composites, polymers and plastics,
●  Indoor luxury spa mysterious discharge solved,
●  Carcinogenic degradation  moieties in beverages assessed and minimized,
●  Assisted in the R&D of portable instrumentation for detection of chemical agents,
●  Provided in-house workshops on method development and instrumentation selections,
●  Neurotransmitter determination in surgically resected brain hippocampal tissues.
● Corporations (Pharmaceuticals, construction contractors, manufacturers, clinical, environmental),
● Legal (Attorneys, prosecutors, court assignees, depositions, expert witness, affidavit, government, forensics)
●  Municipalities (local, county, state and U.S. Federal government, overseas government agencies),
● Provided VI therapeutic modalities for early interventions,
● tutorial services in the sciences, math and engineering,
● Curriculum and programmatic development and assessment
● Provide early intervention for vision therapy


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  • We respond to your needs worldwide by assigning local or international experts.
  • Our team of consultants regularly travel overseas to meet with our clienteles.
  • We work with large number of certified analytical laboratories and testing corporations.

Welcome to Chemical Detectives

Scientific & Allied Health Associates, LLC

Chemical Detectives, Scientific & Allied Health Associates (CDSAA), incorporated as a LLC firm in the State of New York, U.S.A., provides innovative analytical chemistry solutions to a wide variety of everyday challenges. The detection of chemicals, i.e., constituent identifications and quantifications (authentications), present in a natural or anthropogenic medium or matrix, summarizes our services. We are contracted by clients worldwide (corporations, legal, constructions and manufacturing, non-profit & government agencies). We offer per diem consultancy, method/protocol development, field assessment and sampling, contract testing, short-term feasibility studies, and compliance guidelines with federal regulations and/or international standards. Project management includes field investigations, risk and damage assessment, on-site measurements, laboratory determinations and comprehensive final report preparations, presentations, discussions and follow ups. The integration of appropriate analytical instrumentations for product line for QA/QC purposes highlights another aspect of our services.

We also provide science, environment, allied health and engineering curriculum development (K-16) and publishing, personalized instructorships and tutorials and college planning, as well as auxiliary medical health services (e.g., medical advice and early intervention for the Visually Impaired). Another component of our corporate mission to engage in real estate enterprise. Furthermore, we will also provide expertise in tackling your nano-engineering, neon-sensors, and biotechnology projects as geared toward solving challenges in healthcare, diagnosis, monitoring and drug delivery, as well as environmental assays and forensics.